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Our Four Areas of Service :

Assessment & Moderation

Accredited as assessor and moderator at:

Design & Development

We are keen developers of the following :

  • Curriculum design and development
  • Learning material 
  • Quality Management systems inclusive of necessary policies, procedures and enabling templates
  • Policies and procedures

Training Provider Accreditation:

In accordance to the latest legislation :

  • Quality assurance regarding Business Profile
  • Quality Management System inclusive of the necessary quality assurance of policies and procedures
  • Quality assurance of the necessary ETD Practitioners
  • Curriculum Material alignment

Facilitation Experts:

Specializing in :

  • Learning and development
  • Coaching and mentorship
  • Business Events
  • Strategic Planning sessions

Our Team

Dr Selda Brits

Selda is a seasoned professional with a variety of skills pertaining to: Human Resources, Human Resource Development, Portfolio/Program and Project management. Do have the ability to assist to execute a company’s strategy, regardless what change approach needed. Human resources are needed to facilitate any organizational strategy, old or new. Thus, whatever “program” you need designed, developed and facilitated to reach your organizational goals – I am skilled enough to embark on the road less travelled.

Tobie Engelbrecht

Tobie is an experienced senior lecturer, moderator, assessor, mentor, consultant, facilitator of learning, people developer and analyst delivering service to several Higher Education Institutions, Public Management Institutions, International Consultancies through European Union funded programmes and organisations. Involved in policing, safety and security as well as risk analysis/assessment as chief intelligence and threat analyst. Qualifications in philosophy, criminology, education, training and development, ethics, life-long learning and adult learning. Team Leader for several international consultancy contracts (advisory and evaluation) for the European Union in South Africa and Africa. Several publications and papers delivered at conferences on distance learning, RPL, adult learning as well as policing.

Dr Elise Engelbrecht

Elise is an experienced senior manager involved in strategic, operational, financial, risk and human resources management/development both in Government and previously in a Higher Education Institution. She is further an experienced lecturer, moderator, assessor, mentor and facilitator of learning and researcher at a Higher Education Institution. Involved in policing, safety and security as well as risk analysis/assessment. Qualifications and experience in criminology, education, training and development, traffic law enforcement and security risk management

What people say?

Thank you very much for your effort and assisting us so professionally.
Pearl Pugin
Dean - Tsiba Education
You are a Star!!!!
Faiza Osman
Head Of Faculty , College SA

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