People developers with a refreshing attitude regarding service delivery

We strive towards enkindling excellence through guidance; support; teaching; learning; development and mentoring of people.

Detailed List of Services :

Accredited as assessor and moderator at:

  • Agri Seta
  • CathsSeta
  • ETDP Seta
  • LG Seta
  • PSeta
  • ServiceSeta
  •  Learning and development
  • Coaching and mentorship
  • Business Events
  •  Strategic Planning sessions

        A full package including the necessary application,

o   Quality assurance regarding Business Profile

o   Quality Management System inclusive of the necessary quality assurance of policies and procedures

o   Quality assurance of the necessary ETD Practitioners

o   Curriculum Material alignment ensuring that learning material packs

Facilitator guide;

Assessment guides;

·       Formative assessment

·       Summative assessment

·       Impact assessment

Learner guide;

Workplace guide / logbook; and

Learner workbook.

o   Evaluation of learning material and assuring correct alignment to chosen unit standard/s and/or qualification.

o   Quality Assurance of all related working documents needed for the application

Including but not limited to samples of:

  • Attendance register
  • Blank database
  • Access control register
  • Certificate
  • Learner certificate register
  • Learner Portfolio of Evidence
  • PoE control register
  • Assessment reports
  •  Moderation reports
  • Appeal forms
  • Health and Safety checklist, etc

We are keen developer of the following:

  • Curriculum design and development

o   Focus area are Management Development; Project Management & Human Resource Development.

  • Learning material – for accredited or non-accredited learning courses

o   Accredited Learning Material packages are inclusive of:

  • Facilitator guide;
  • Assessment guide;
  • Learner guide;
  • Workplace guide; and
  • Learner workbook.

o   Non-accredited Learning Material packages are inclusive of:

  • Learner guide; and
  • Learner workbook.
  • Quality Management systems inclusive of necessary policies; procedures and enabling templates
  • Policies and procedure

We place emphasis on the enhancement of individual potential by means of :

  • Consultation;
  • Teaching – learning – developing people; 
  • Inspiring; 
  • Influencing; 
  • Giving sound advice;
  • Giving guidance worthy to follow;  
  • Testing the current realities; 
  • Revealing the truth;
  • Indicating a “new” way forward; 
  • Servanthood through a people centered approach